Merkle’s is proud to have sponsored hundreds of intramural sports teams through out the years. We’ve worked with Player’s Sports Group, Chicago Sports and Social Club, and Sport’s Monster. Merkles Sponsorship comes with several perks, read below to check them out!

Team Sponsorship

What team will get

  1. T-shirts for the team.
  1. EACH team of 10 or more players will get $250.00 in cash OR food/drink vouchers. Each team of 9 or less players will get $150.00 in cash OR food/drink vouchers. If a team decides on cash, they will receive half of it at the beginning of the season and half at the end when they have met the terms of the contract. If a team decides to use vouchers, they will receive either 10 $25 vouchers or 10 $15 vouchers all at the beginning of the season which can be redeemed on game days.
  1. A Team Appreciation Party at the end of the season.
  • Assuming you have met the terms of the contract, you and any of your friends are invited to participate in your Team Appreciation Party. We provide you with two options to show our support.
    • $10 wristband package includes domestic beer and well cocktails
    • $20 wristband package includes *all beer and well cocktails
  • A Team Appreciation Party must be applied for online at our website. It does not have to be when you sign up. It can be whenever you want.
    • Details needed for the team appreciation party
      • Captain’s Name
      • Captains Email
      • Team Name
      • *Date of Party (non-cubs games and non-special event days only)
      • Number of people expected
      • Digital Signature

(1) Teams must have 75% of the team roster show up after every game, every week. This includes weather related cancellations and bye weeks. If the team fails to do so 3 times, the team will forfeit the second cash stipend check. (1-2) Teams that fail to meet those same requirements forfeit their team appreciation party. (2) The amount of t-shirts given to a team is discretionary based on the size of the roster, amount of subs, and players on the field at a time. (2-1) T-shirts will not be replaced if they are lost, stolen, manipulated, or ruined on the field. (3) Team Appreciation party’s must be approved by Merkle’s management. (3-1) Team Appreciation Party’s can be denied for any reason a manager seems fit. (4) Over served or unruly guests will not be refunded for thee event (4-1) Merkle’s staff retains sole discretion of judgment towards over serving and unruliness. (5) Drink packages have a maximum of 3 drinks pre hour. (6) Vouchers can only be redeemed during the day you play. (6-1) Vouchers may not be used to pay for a drink package during a Team Appreciation Party.