A long time ago a few guys were sitting on a couch after a long night of hanging out and other bars in Chicago. Later that night, they started talking about how cool it would be to have a bar of their own and how much fun they could make sure their customers had. Now we’ve all had these conversations late at night and nothing ever seems to come out of them, although this time it was different. These guys went on to purchase the old Billy Goat Tavern in Wrigleyville and convert it into Merkle’s Bar and Grill in 2004. They followed through on what they said that night and it’s been going 12 years strong! Believe it or not, the story is that simple.

So what does this mean to you? It means that this bar was designed and operated by guys who wanted people to have more fun at bars then they were already having. They decided that our customers were gonna be our friends, our prices were going to be affordable, and we were gonna be there to greet you when you walked in. We made sure to this day, that we would be the ones operating the bar. Odds are, you’ll always see one of us here. There’s no corporate side to this establishment and certainly no man hiding behind a curtain. It’s just us in shorts and a t-shirt hoping that you come in and tell us how you’ve been doing since the last time we saw you. There’s no BS. Come in, Sit Down (or dance), and hang out at a place where everyone is eventually going to know your name.